374 MMA Videos

374 MMA Videos

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374mma, body weight workout by Josh

374MMA ,Chris and Susan combined class

374mma kickboxing conditioning,#halifax

374MMA bodyweight training with Josh

Why Train at 374 MMA?

At 374 MMA you’ll receive top quality and technically driven instruction. If you have never stepped into an MMA gym before and need to learn the basics or have years of experience, our gym offers the knowledge, space and encouragement needed to help you surpass your goals.
Along with having fun, technique and safety are top priorities at 374 MMA. This means that everyone is given one on one attention in each class.
We have 4,500 square feet suited for high quality training, including 2 large matted areas, numerous heavy bags, MMA training equipment and a weight room.
Why Train at 374 MMA?

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