Muay Thai Basics

A New Way Of Staying in Shape

No experience needed! Just drop-by in exercise gear for your first free class. We will guide you through all the basics step-by-step and emphasize applications with pads (no contact). 1-on-1 attention guaranteed EVERY class.

RGJJ 360 self defence

Practical Self-defence for EVERYONE

The only gym offering The Royce Gracie 360 curriculum in Atlantic Canada.
This course will guide students through the foundations of Gracie Jiu-jitsu, an effective form of Brazilian jiu-jitsu optimized for real-life self-defense applications. Students apply their newly developed skills within a learning environment that is challenging but rewarding.


Start Excelling with Hands-On Learning

All levels welcome. Classes are engaging for boxers of all backgrounds or no martial arts background at all! You will gain all the knowledge necessary while getting into amazing shape. Proper technique will be emphasized as well as applied through pads and partner drills. MINIMAL contact & NO SPARRING in this class.


100% Optional

ONLY those cleared by the head coach may participate. Full gear is REQUIRED.
We focus on effective sparring, not brawling. Classes begin with technical sparring drills then varying rounds of sparring. We are here to learn and get better – not to hurt one another.

Junior & Teen Self-defence

Let Us Help Make Your Children Life Champions

Practical self-defence class based off PROVEN Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques.

We not only teach physical techniques but how to de-escalate confrontations verbally as well, especially in bullying situations. 
Discipline, respect, and self-confidence. 
We have fun while gaining life-changing skills and learning to lead an active life. Learn and have fun all at the same time with 374 MMA.


4-5 (Mini-374)   –   6-11 (Junior self-defence)   –   12-16 (Teen self-defence)


Enjoy Affordable Rates

To anyone looking for a location for their next group event (bootcamp, dance class, etc) OR to personal trainers at a low competitive rate… 

Contact us for more details.


Ages 4-5: Mini (45mins)

Ages 4-11: Junior Muay Thai (50mins)

Ages 6-11: Junior (50mins)

Ages 12-15: Teen (60mins)


*: Shower available after morning classes

A certain level is required for Level II, III and sparring. Ask to attend.


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