Most frequent questions and answers

If you have gear, bring it along! Otherwise, just come in comfortable workout clothes (e.g. t-shirt, shorts, a sweater, and/or sweatpants) and we’ll lend you all the gear you need to participate.

Absolutely not! All our beginner classes are minimal contact. We go through body conditioning exercises, technique in the air, and pad drills. Advanced classes have a lot of pad and partner drills. Sparring classes are only available to those who are interested. You never have to spar if you don’t want.

Yes, of course! Just let us know if you would like to compete and we can let you in on the details.

Don’t worry about it keep on going. That’s the only way to stop the suckness. Everybody sucked once upon a time..including the coach. And you suck right now!

Until you deserve one, but you can go somewhere else or Walmart and get as many stripes and any color you want if it will make you feel good.

Simple, you put insurance on your car in case something happens so you can replace it or fix it.
Wouldn’t it make sense to have insurance on your life in case something happens so you can protect or save it? After all…you only have one.

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