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July 1, 2017

My Review of 374 MMA…
I just completed my first month of the Muay Thai Basics at 374 MMA. It has really helped me change and refocus my life in regards to diet, nutrition,respect, and dedication to a successful exercise program. I’ve lost +18 pounds in this short period of time and look forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle thanks to Rad and everyone at 374 MMA.

Classes and the Experience
Expect a great, intense (in a good way), positive workout whether it’s your first class or later ones. Variety…I cannot recall a single class being the exact same as any others. Rad provides a good mix of cardio warmup/cool down and technical drills (punching, elbows, knees, kicking etc.) in between.
Regardless of class size, Rad is constantly checking up on students to ensure they are following the proper technique as well the expected pace…he certainly wants folks to get the most out of the class. They provide all the required gear or you can bring your own.
People and the Community
Everyone there is great and supportive, certainly a refreshing atmosphereunlike some other gyms. Regardless of your fitness level, you are typically paired up with people of the same level as you…”Nobody gets left behind”. After any given class people are giving pats on the back, high fives and you can often here folks saying, “WOW another great class…we all got thru it, this place is so additive”…and it is!!!
In Summary
374 MMA is for REAL!!!
If I could give 6 out of 5 stars I certainly would. If you want a workout like no other, in a positive, supportive, face-pace environment this place is certainly it.

The only “Con/Downside” to 374 MMA is that I didn’t join sooner.

Jay Paquette


“374 Performance is an all-emcompassing fitness studio that while having it’s foundations in martial arts, far extends beyond that.

The facility offers opportunities for both members and coaches alike, opening its doors to professionals who are looking to expand their clientele.

The gym features a large matted area with heavy bags and padded walls, while also housing a full fitness studio with power racks, weight plates, kettlebells and more.

Our gym is suitable for the whole family, with classes for children and adults as well as personal training and nutrition services.”

Ricky Goodall

- Personal Trainer Space Rentee - Certified Nutrition Coach - Meditation Instructor - Elevated Life Coach - Owner of Elevated Wellness.


“Rad is definitely true to his word. I found that out personally on just my first day of training with him.
Just in my first 7 months of Rad”s training, I have achieved so much more physically and mentally as to the years I have worked out at different gyms in different provinces. I certainly thought I was in decent shape. Man, was I wrong.

The first day I met with Rad was at his gym and that was just an introduction. I wanted to see what he had to offer and most importantly if I felt comfortable and he was trustworthy. We chatted for about an hour and it was yes on both counts. That is why as I stated earlier that Rad is true to his word and that is very much important in my life.I look forward of continuing both my one on one and team training. It has become a second home to me.

Thanks Rad. Bob.”


  • always ready to challenge himself
  • 55 year-old training for health and now, aiming to hopefully compete soon!

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