keep on rowing

Keep On Rowing

If you can remember a few key points in life, you will find it easier to pick yourself up when circumstances or people you depend on just don’t seem to be on your side. Firstly, in this life no matter what you do, you will always have someone who does not agree with your decision, action or choice. However it is important to recognise that no one is perfect in this world, not even you. We all make mistakes; but what is important is to be able recognise that a mistake has been made, admit to it, take ownership for it, remedy it, make amends and then just let it go. Finding closure from your mistake is important to helping you move on and grow as a person.

This brings me to my next point, no matter how much good you have done in your life, you will likely be judged by the mistakes you have made. People have a tendency to remember others for their mistakes yet are quick to forget the good they have done. So much so, that they then allow for those mistakes to define who you are. Don’t allow their perceptions of you to define who you truly are and certainly don’t be alarmed if you encounter these people within your circle at a different stage in your life.

My final food for thought; don’t break a sweat if someone leaves you when you are at a low point if your life. It’s during our time of need that we suddenly have clarity about the people that we thought were important or had our best interests at heart when in fact they didn’t because you can finally see their true colors now that you need them to either support you, pick you up or guide you.

Think of life as though it is like a boat on which you are the captain, not everyone belongs on your journey, it is prudent to let them depart before your journey begins as opposed to have them leave you in the middle of a storm.

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