My Way of Jiu Jitsu

My approach to Jiu Jitsu

First and foremost it’s a martial art to me, not sport. What I mean by that is all techniques work depending on the individual, but some techniques will get you badly hurt in real confrontation. That being said, my approach is more towards self expression in a real combat where I ask myself “What is the best, fastest, and most efficient solution in the moment?”. Although it is combat, violence between two forces, ironically there must be some form of harmony within it, there must be action and reaction for it to be a combat, a fight. Be it physically, mentally, emotionally.

My mindset when practicing Jiu Jitsu

When I practice a technique, my priority is not the details in the technique itself, rather it’s more about the concept of the ending of it. If I focus too much on the details of a technique, I most likely will forget some steps in the process of remembering and it also might lead to tunnel vision. On the other hand, when I focus on the concept of the ending of any given technique, my mind is in total freedom to create a technique. It’s self expression in a way, if you will, to get to the end goal, no set pattern or strict way of doing, the details will show according to position, interaction.

How to apply Jiu Jitsu in real life

In real martial arts or fight, any God given attribute to us is to be used, like strength, agility to name a few. Everyone has advantage in one way or another, the question is, how do we apply it at the right time, in the right way? Which goes back to self expression. In jiujitsu especially, because any one can be beaten, no exception because we all make mistakes, goes with the saying, “If you bleed, you’re not immune to death”.

My take on ‘Sport’ Jiu Jitsu

So when I practice jiujitsu, there is no sport. The mindset is either you’re done or I’m done. The jiujitsu I practice includes everything, from headbutt to chokes it’s total immersion, physically, mentally, emotionally. The mind is completely free yet focused in the NOW. That way I am calm, in peace and have clarity with what I am doing. It’s not so much of, “How am I going to do the other in?”, it’s more like, “How do I end this conflict and stop the violence, so to speak and go home unscathed with acceptance that that could happen?”.

My approach in sparring with my teammates

In sparring, as in real fight, to me everything is involved, using strength, speed, breathing, exchange of energy, flow of actions but to my advantage, using my special gifts, my God given gifts, there is turn in; combat, it’s give and take but in any case it’s always my turn, until it’s over.

What Jiu Jitsu has taught me

Jiujitsu taught me a lot, on and off the mats, and the most important of them is patience. It may sound passive in a sense but it’s very powerful tool especially in real life. Be it combat, a business deal, family, you name it. Patience is a virtue that jiujitsu taught me because everything has its time, not a second before, not a second after. Without patience we will miss out on everything. Also, it gave me peace of mind and taught me humility, made me a better person everyday that passes. Mind you, I still make mistakes, do stupid things but now I know how to fix them and do better.

That’s the way of my jiujitsu, towards Alfalohany .

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